Ceramic core fan nozzles
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Ceramic core fan nozzles

Ceramic core fan nozzles

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Ceramic core fan nozzle characteristics

Ceramic core fan nozzle head is a high voltage fan nozzle nozzle , fan jet effect in the form of an open, planar structure of the fan-shaped jet, such as cleaning, cooling, decontamination, have good wetting effect. Ceramic core fan nozzle nozzle spray form, spray pattern edges define very clearly the plane diversion fine processing technology provides a uniform, high impact spray pattern. Spray large, smooth channel, reducing the obstruction. The shape of the spray fan angle variety due to Earth's gravity, there is the "edge effect" is generated, i.e., a fan to produce a cross-sectional tapering of the spray edge of the spray particles of fine and uniform particle size Medium spray nozzles are arranged in a plurality of nozzles required when a 25% to 30% overlap, so that the arrangement direction of the uniform. Can produce a variety of angles uniform water spray fan spray droplet size medium connection using modular unit for easy installation and replacement filters can be installed, easy to clean.

Ceramic core fan nozzle Parameters

The maximum angle of 60-170 degrees jet. In 3Mpa pressure, liquid flow rate in the range of 5.5 a 140 l / min. Fan nozzle nozzle thread size is 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 ,1,1-1 / 2,2,3, and other specifications, conventional as BSP, For other specifications thread Please Shenzhen Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Han Bo, can provide the appropriate size of the internal thread or external thread fittings .

Ceramic core fan nozzle nozzle Applications

Metal cleaning, spray coating, spray cooling, remove grease stains, plating line rinse, wash agricultural products; food, steel, paper and other industries washing, spraying and cooling applications; PCB cleaning, display, video and etching processes , rain test, spray cooling, semiconductor cleaning, cleaning bulb CPT, LCD glass cutting cleaning.

Ceramic core fan nozzles

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