TA hair fan nozzles
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TA hair fan nozzles

TA hair fan nozzles

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TA hair Nozzle Product Description:

TA uses hair spray nozzle slot structure can also be spray air and water vapor. Fan-shaped spray pattern is 70 °, spray mist when larger radial width, forming a thick curtain of water in cleaning applications, the effect is good; jet air, water curtain angle is large, easy to purge.One-piece structure, easy installation and replacement.

TA hair nozzle general application:

Dust, mold removal, cast iron pipe manufacturing of air, leather dust removal, cooling heat roller, the TV screen coating, industrial tank cleaning, plug the hole deburring, surface smooth application of chocolate candy, washing or drying PCB Manufacturing and so on.

Guangdong Perth hair <a href=spray nozzle is used to reduce noise at work"> Guangdong Perth nozzle for blowing drying hair Guangdong Perth hair nozzle for drying lines
Guangdong Perth TA hair spray nozzle is used to reduce noise at work Guangdong Perth TA nozzle for blowing drying hair Guangdong Perth TA nozzle for drying hair line

TA hair fan nozzles

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