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Oil nozzles

Oil nozzles

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OD Series Danfoss nozzle Features:

Danfoss OD series can come with atomized fuel injector, this series has been optimized nozzle oil network, improvement, in line with European standards CEN, easy installation. OD Series nozzle having 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 80 degrees of four spray angle and S (solid), H (hollow) and B (semi-solid) in three spray pattern.

OD Series Danfoss nozzle spray pattern:

OD Series Danfoss nozzle spray pattern

OD Series Danfoss nozzle general application:

Can be used to spray light oil fuel machine, gas, oil, coal and other heavy fuel oil machine.

B Series HAGO nozzle / nozzle (solid black cap) for the low-flow burner B Series HAGO nozzle / nozzle (solid black cover) for industrial burner nozzle
OD Series Danfoss nozzle burner for low flow OD Series Danfoss injector nozzles for industrial burner
Spray angle Order No. The injection flow rate Spray pattern Spray angle Order No. The injection flow rate Spray pattern Spray angle Order No.
30° 030F3620 1USgal/h solid            
030F3624 1.25USgal/h solid            
030F3628 1.5USgal/h solid            
030F3632 2USgal/h solid            
030F3640 3USgal/h solid            
030F3642 3.5USgal/h solid            
Jet Angle Order no. Jet flow spray pattern Order no. Jet flow spray pattern Order no. Jet flow spray pattern
45° 030B1055 0.75USgal/h 半solid 030F4608 0.5USgal/h solid 030H4612 0.6USgal/h hollow
030B1056 0.85USgal/h 半solid 030F4610 0.55USgal/h solid 030H4614 0.65USgal/h hollow
030B1057 1USgal/h 半solid 030F4612 0.6USgal/h solid 030H4616 0.75USgal/h hollow
030B1059 1.25USgal/h 半solid 030F4614 0.65USgal/h solid 030H4618 0.85USgal/h hollow
030B1060 1.35USgal/h 半solid 030F4616 0.75USgal/h solid 030H4620 1USgal/h hollow
030B1061 1.5USgal/h 半solid 030F4618 0.85USgal/h solid 030H4624 1.25USgal/h hollow
030B1063 2USgal/h 半solid 030F4620 1USgal/h solid 030H4628 1.5USgal/h hollow
030B1064 2.25USgal/h 半solid 030F4622 1.1USgal/h solid 030H4630 1.75USgal/h hollow
030B1065 2.5USgal/h 半solid 030F4623 1.2USgal/h solid 030H4632 2USgal/h hollow
030B1066 2.75USgal/h 半solid 030F4624 1.25USgal/h solid 030H4636 2.5USgal/h hollow
030B1067 3USgal/h 半solid 030F4626 1.35USgal/h solid 030H4640 3USgal/h hollow
030B1069 3.75USgal/h 半solid 030F4628 1.5USgal/h solid      
030B1071 4.5USgal/h 半solid 030F4629 1.65USgal/h solid      
030B1073 5USgal/h 半solid 030F4630 1.75USgal/h solid      
030B1079 6.5USgal/h 半solid 030F4632 2USgal/h solid      
030B1081 7.5USgal/h 半solid 030F4634 2.25USgal/h solid      
030B1083 8.5USgal/h 半solid 030F4636 2.5USgal/h solid      
030B1085 10USgal/h 半solid 030F4638 2.75USgal/h solid      
030B1087 11USgal/h 半solid 030F4640 3USgal/h solid      
030B1089 12USgal/h 半solid 030F4642 3.5USgal/h solid      
030B1091 13.5USgal/h 半solid 030F4644 4USgal/h solid      
030B1093 15USgal/h 半solid 030F4646 4.5USgal/h solid      
030B1096 22USgal/h 半solid 030F4648 5USgal/h solid      
030B1099 31.5USgal/h 半solid 030F4650 5.5USgal/h solid      
030B1100 35USgal/h 半solid 030F4652 6USgal/h solid      
Jet Angle Order no. Jet flow spray pattern Order no. Jet flow spray pattern Order no. Jet flow spray pattern
60° 030B1104 0.65USgal/h 半solid 030F6602 0.3USgal/h solid 030H6608 0.5USgal/h hollow
030B1105 0.75USgal/h 半solid 030F6603 0.35USgal/h solid 030H6610 0.55USgal/h hollow
030B1106 0.85USgal/h 半solid 030F6604 0.4USgal/h solid 030H6612 0.6USgal/h hollow
030B1107 1USgal/h 半solid 030F6606 0.45USgal/h solid 030H6614 0.65USgal/h hollow
030B1109 1.25USgal/h 半solid 030F6608 0.5USgal/h solid 030H6616 0.75USgal/h hollow
030B1110 1.35USgal/h 半solid 030F6610 0.55USgal/h solid 030H6618 0.85USgal/h hollow
030B1111 1.5USgal/h 半solid 030F6612 0.6USgal/h solid 030H6620 1USgal/h hollow
030B1113 2USgal/h 半solid 030F6614 0.65USgal/h solid 030H6622 1.1USgal/h hollow
030B1114 2.25USgal/h 半solid 030F6616 0.75USgal/h solid 030H6624 1.25USgal/h hollow
030B1115 2.5USgal/h 半solid 030F6618 0.85USgal/h solid 030H6626 1.35USgal/h hollow
030B1116 2.75USgal/h 半solid 030F6620 1USgal/h solid 030H6628 1.5USgal/h hollow
030B1117 3USgal/h 半solid 030F6622 1.1USgal/h solid 030H6630 1.75USgal/h hollow
030B1119 3.75USgal/h 半solid 030F6623 1.2USgal/h solid 030H6634 2.25USgal/h hollow
030B1121 4.5USgal/h 半solid 030F6624 1.25USgal/h solid 030H6636 2.5USgal/h hollow
030B1123 5USgal/h 半solid 030F6626 1.35USgal/h solid 030H6640 3USgal/h hollow
030B1125 5.5USgal/h 半solid 030F6628 1.5USgal/h solid      
030B1127 6USgal/h 半solid 030F6629 1.65USgal/h solid      
030B1129 6.5USgal/h 半solid 030F6630 1.75USgal/h solid      
030B1131 7.5USgal/h 半solid 030F6632 2USgal/h solid      
030B1133 8.5USgal/h Semi solid 030F6634 2.25USgal/h solid      
030B1135 10USgal/h Semi solid 030F6636 2.5USgal/h solid      
030B1137 11USgal/h Semi solid 030F6638 2.75USgal/h solid      
030B1139 12USgal/h Semi solid 030F6640 3USgal/h solid      
030B1141 13.5USgal/h Semi solid 030F6642 3.5USgal/h solid      
030B1143 15USgal/h Semi solid 030F6644 4USgal/h solid      
030B1145 17USgal/h Semi solid 030F6646 4.5USgal/h solid      
030B1147 19.5USgal/h Semi solid 030F6648 5USgal/h solid      
030B1149 22USgal/h Semi solid 030F6650 5.5USgal/h solid      
030B1151 25USgal/h Semi solid 030F6652 6USgal/h solid      
030B1153 28USgal/h Semi solid 030F6654 7USgal/h solid      
030B1155 31.5USgal/h Semi solid 030F6656 8USgal/h solid      
      030F6658 9USgal/h solid      
Jet Angle Order no. Jet flow spray pattern Order no. Jet flow spray pattern Order no. Jet flow spray pattern
80° 030B1203 0.6USgal/h Semi solid 030F8604 0.4USgal/h solid 030H8604 0.4USgal/h hollow
030B1204 0.65USgal/h Semi solid 030F8606 0.45USgal/h solid 030H8606 0.45USgal/h hollow
030B1205 0.75USgal/h Semi solid 030F8608 0.5USgal/h solid 030H8608 0.5USgal/h hollow
030B1206 0.85USgal/h Semi solid 030F8610 0.55USgal/h solid 030H8610 0.55USgal/h hollow
030B1207 1USgal/h Semi solid 030F8612 0.6USgal/h solid 030H8612 0.6USgal/h hollow
030B1209 1.25USgal/h Semi solid 030F8614 0.65USgal/h solid 030H8614 0.65USgal/h hollow
030B1211 1.5USgal/h Semi solid 030F8616 0.75USgal/h solid 030H8616 0.75USgal/h hollow
030B1213 2USgal/h Semi solid 030F8618 0.85USgal/h solid 030H8618 0.85USgal/h hollow
030B1215 2.5USgal/h Semi solid 030F8620 1USgal/h solid 030H8620 1USgal/h hollow
030B1216 2.75USgal/h Semi solid 030F8623 1.2USgal/h solid 030H8624 1.25USgal/h hollow
030B1217 3USgal/h Semi solid 030F8624 1.25USgal/h solid 030H8628 1.5USgal/h hollow
030B1219 3.75USgal/h Semi solid 030F8628 1.5USgal/h solid 030H8630 1.75USgal/h hollow
030B1221 4.5USgal/h Semi solid 030F8630 1.75USgal/h solid 030H8632 2USgal/h hollow
030B1223 5USgal/h Semi solid 030F8632 2USgal/h solid 030H8636 2.5USgal/h hollow
030B1229 6.5USgal/h Semi solid 030F8636 2.5USgal/h solid 030H8640 3USgal/h hollow
030B1231 7.5USgal/h Semi solid 030F8638 2.75USgal/h solid      
030B1239 12USgal/h Semi solid 030F8640 3USgal/h solid      
030B1241 13.5USgal/h Semi solid 030F8642 3.5USgal/h solid      
030B1245 17USgal/h Semi solid 030F8648 5USgal/h solid      
030B1249 22USgal/h Semi solid 030F8652 6USgal/h solid      
030B1255 31.5USgal/h Semi solid            

Oil nozzles

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