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ceramic inlays nozzles

ceramic inlays nozzles

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PP ceramic inlays Nozzle Product Description:

1, the high-purity and high-strength ceramic inlay mounted in PVDF, PP, stainless steel shell, long service life.

2, the spray angle of 65 °, 80 °, 95 °, and 110 ° of four.

3, Guangdong Perth offers PVDF and PP material ceramic inlays nozzle

PP nozzle spray pattern ceramic inlays:

Ceramic nozzle spray pattern inlay

PP ceramic inlay nozzle general application:

Printed circuit board cleaning, cleaning liquid crystal panel, inflammatory mountain ash washing, polishing and cleaning the printing plates, spraying abrasives.

UPE sandblasting nozzle for cleaning the printing plate UPE sandblasting abrasive surface <a href=spray nozzle for car" />
PP ceramic inlays nozzle for cleaning the printing plate PP ceramic inlays abrasive surface spray nozzle for car

Guangdong Perth PP ceramic inlays nozzle angle and flow see HU fan nozzle

ceramic inlays nozzles

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