HHSJX Spiral Spray nozzles, HHSJX3/8-316SS30, 30 nozzles
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HHSJX Spiral Spray nozzles

HHSJX Spiral Spray nozzles

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HHSJ Spiral Spray nozzles Features:

1, also known as Spiral Spray nozzle desulfurization nozzle, anti-clogging nozzle, high flow nozzle, dusting nozzle.

2,316 stainless steel Spiral Spray nozzle (HHSJ) is a solid cone or hollow cone spray nozzle, spray angle range of 60 degrees -170 degrees to 120 degrees routine. At 3 bar pressure, the liquid flow rate range of 5.5 a 140 l / min, is widely used in flue gas desulfurization dust, waste gas treatment, waste water treatment, fire extinguishing spray cleaning and other fields.

3, This compact nozzle has a smooth flow of the design, you can minimize liquid blockage, so that the liquid in a given pipe size for maximum flow.

4,316 stainless steel Spiral Spray nozzle can be installed on most piping systems or update.

5, available nozzle NPT or BSPT (external) screw type 316 stainless steel Spiral Spray nozzle are regular BSP thread size, you need to be connected with the internal thread adapter or special custom processing when needed please Cantonese Perth sales personnel.

6, typically 1/4 inch-4 inch brass nozzle respectively, 316 stainless steel casting, PVDF, 95 ceramics, silicon carbide, TEFLON PTFE or PVC material, and wherein the 316 stainless steel castings, poly vinyl chloride, 95 ceramics, silicon carbide have a large inventory, Guangdong Perth promise made to be with conventional products. To apply to specific areas, may also have other materials.

HHSJ Spiral Spray nozzle works:

1, HHSJ Spiral Spray nozzle produce a series of concentric conical spray pattern (see figure "Guangdong Perth spiral spray nozzle live"). Like the axial nozzle, the inlet and outlet are the same center axis, but no internal trimming blade, but the diameter of the nozzle itself is designed as a spiral shape of shrinking, which will flow cut into two or more concentric spiral ring. One meter below the nozzle cross section of the spray pattern is made of one or more concentric rings. Spiral Spray nozzle formed with hollow cone spray droplet size tangential flow nozzle similar, but smaller drop. When the pressure is the same, the liquid flow rate greater, than the axial screw nozzle nozzle is more suitable for some.

2, the liquid (or slurry) with a continuous helical smaller and tangential to the collision becomes small and the formation of mist droplet ejection. Nozzle chamber from the inlet to the outlet of the streamlined design makes the drag coefficient to a minimum, thus Spiral Spray nozzle for a variety of positions. For example: chemical, environmental, power, textile and many other industries, particularly FGD industry more widely used. Its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fogging, blockades of the industry has been accepted by many users.

HHSJ Spiral Spray nozzle spray pattern:

SPJT Spiral Spray nozzle spray pattern

HHSJ Spiral Spray nozzle general application:

Flue gas scrubber, gas cooling, washing and bleaching leaching process, fire fighting, for use in flue gas desulfurization system, for use in dust removal system.

Guangdong Perth Spiral Spray nozzle for desulfurization tower Guangdong Perth Spiral Spray nozzle for absorber Guangdong Perth Spiral Spray nozzle for flue gas treatment
Guangdong Perth Spiral Spray nozzle for desulfurization tower Guangdong Perth Spiral Spray nozzle for absorber Guangdong Perth Spiral Spray nozzle for flue gas treatment
Pipe size 
NPT or 
BSPT (outside)
Jet angle (0.7 bar when) and model Spray hole diameter (mm) Free flow diameter (mm) Flow (l / min)
90 ° 120 ° 0.7 bar 1.5 bar 3.0 bar 7.0 bar 25 bar
30 3/8HHSJ-316SS9030 3/8HHSJ-316SS12030 4.8 3.2 11.4 16.7 24 36 68
40 3/8HHSJ-316SS9040 3/8HHSJ-316SS12040 5.6 3.2 15.1 22 32 48 91
53 3/8HHSJ-316SS9053 3/8HHSJ-316SS12053 6.4 3.2 20 30 42 64 121
82 3/8HHSJ-316SS9082 3/8HHSJ-316SS12082 7.9 3.2 31 46 65 99 187
1/2 120 1/2HHSJ-316SS90120 1/2HHSJ-316SS120120 9.5 4.8 45 67 95 145 270
164 1/2HHSJ-316SS90164 1/2HHSJ-316SS120164 11.1 4.8 62 92 129 198 370
3/4 210 3/4HHSJ-316SS90210 3/4HHSJ-316SS120210 12.7 4.8 80 117 166 255 480
1 340 1HHSJ-316SS90340 1HHSJ-316SS120340 15.9 6.4 130 190 270 410 775
470 1HHSJ-316SS90470 1HHSJ-316SS120470 19.1 6.4 179 260 370 565 1070
1-1/2 640 1-1/2HHSJ-316SS90640 1-1/2HHSJ-316SS120640 22.2 7.9 245 355 505 770 1460
820 1-1/2HHSJ-316SS90820 1-1/2HHSJ-316SS120820 25.4 7.9 310 455 645 990 1870
960 1-1/2HHSJ-316SS90960 1-1/2HHSJ-316SS120960 28.6 7.9 365 535 755 1160 2190
2 1400 2HHSJ-316SS901400 2HHSJ-316SS1201400 34.9 11.1 535 780 1105 1690 3190
1780 2HHSJ-316SS901780 2HHSJ-316SS1201780 38.1 11.1 680 995 1405 2150 4060

HHSJX Spiral Spray nozzles

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