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Bottle cleaning nozzles Model

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-10-23 14:33:50

Need to know is solvent-based or water-based inkjet bottle cleaning nozzle models. In the following an example head aqueous, solvent-based and so on.

1 Remove the bottle cleaning nozzle nozzle type .

2, with a cleaning liquid poured into the vessel (2-4% detergent and water mixture).

3 The immersion nozzle nozzle down, pay attention to the level you can just cover up the nozzle, the nozzle can not make the electronic version on the wet.

4 sets have silicone hose with a syringe (20cc to) put the ink nozzles (Top).

5. Gently upward suction nozzle clogging due at the beginning of the difficulties may be drawn, not forcibly pull, repeated several times until the beginning of the release of residual ink nozzle to see appear.

6 Remove the syringe, the needle of ink residue discarded.

7 Continue the above action until stopped syringe liquid clear.

8 in the same manner continue to clean the nozzles of other colors.

9 If you temporarily do not let the cleaning solution and sealed in plastic bags stored in the ink chamber.

10 After cleaning if needed immediate use, let the machine after installing self-cleaning nozzle until the color at a time.

Earnest attention using a pumping action, the action can not be compressed, because the pipeline is very fine nozzle fragile, strong compression can cause permanent damage to the nozzle.

Bottle cleaning nozzles Model

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