Stainless steel industrial nozzles principle
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Stainless steel industrial nozzles principle

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Stainless steel industrial ejector nozzle principle: the use of energy and mass transfer fluid to obtain a vacuum device, using a certain pressure of water flow through the fabric into a certain symmetry are skewed degree of stainless steel industrial nozzle spray polymerization in a focus.

Since the injection water flow rate is particularly high, the speed can be converted to pressure energy, reduce the suction pressure zone to produce a vacuum. The number of high-speed gas flow will be snatched away by suction through the venturi mixing compression and contraction section throat diameter, molecular diffusion of energy exchange rate equilibrium. Speed ​​is reduced by the expansion in the segment increased pressure greater than atmospheric pressure is injected into the water from the outlet of the tank (tank), the non-condensable gas precipitation. By centrifugal pump recycled water to complete the intake process. Such a device called an injector nozzle stainless steel industry , in this apparatus, the two streams are mixed at different pressures and energy exchange occurs to form a mixed fluid of the pressure wave centered. Mixed fluid into gas (vapor) phase, liquid phase, or a gas (vapor), the mixture of liquid and solid.

Before entering means that the medium is called high pressure working medium. Working medium flow is called the working fluid. The working fluid at high velocity from the nozzle out of the stainless steel industry, steel industry injector nozzle into the receiving chamber and the lower pressure in the stainless steel industry prior to the injector nozzle of the medium away. The lead was taken away by a jet of fluid is called body. Typically the injector nozzle in stainless steel industry, initially working fluid potential occurrence or thermal energy into kinetic energy. The kinetic energy of the working fluid, the body portion of the jet to pass arguments. In the process along the flow of the injector nozzle in the stainless steel industry, the speed gradually mixed fluid balance, then the mixed fluid into potential energy or kinetic energy contrary.

Ejector working fluid medium and a fluid medium into the mixing chamber, the speed equalization, usually accompanied by elevated pressure. Fluid from the mixing chamber out into the diffuser, the pressure will continue to rise. The diffuser outlet, the pressure higher than the primer mixed fluid jet entering the body of the pressure receiving chamber. Improve cited pressure jet body without direct mechanical energy consumption, which is the main ejector nozzle stainless steel industry most fundamental properties. Because of this nature, in many technology sectors, the use of stainless steel industrial ejector nozzle than using mechanical supercharger equipment (compressors, pumps, blowers and induced draft fan, etc.), so there may be more simple and more reliable technology solution. In addition to its simple structure, especially outside the stainless steel industry ejector nozzle system with a variety of devices connected is also very simple, not complicated manufacturing, can be widely used in engineering. Which works in the field of power technology, mainly for wide power generation, waste heat heating system, cooling, conveying loose granular solid objects and so on.

Stainless steel industrial nozzles principle

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