Stainless steel industrial gas nozzles
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Stainless steel industrial gas nozzles

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-9-24 10:43:01

Stainless steel industrial gas nozzle aperture is much standard (two stainless steel inner core and the outer core, respectively, industrial nozzle aperture)? Most natural gas is 0.6 mm inner core, outer core is 0.8 mm Y T to change the flame is usually better to change 1.0MM to 0.8MM and a Phillips screwdriver, a wrench 9 # of Crossings, a hand drill, two drill will be able to spend a good change Thank gas stove stainless steel industrial nozzle diameter 0.9-1.0 in general.

Due to different natural gas and air mixture ignition characteristics, natural gas requires a smaller nozzle ignition stainless steel industry, and the empty gas mixing nozzle required ignition stainless steel industry is large, many users already home desktop stove piezo ignition ignition stainless steel industry nozzle may not be able to adapt to natural gas, is bound to cause difficulties in future gas ignition source replacement when and if that is able to adapt to be able to find a gas ignition, but also to meet the air mixed gas ignition ignition stainless steel industrial nozzle size, and that in the future be replaced by gas source , not only can reduce the troublesome due to different gas source to the user, but also can reduce the cost of additional companies do. understand gas nozzle standard stainless steel industry will help us to better select for gas stoves.

Many factors affect the stove ignition, in addition to the gas source components, ignition bracket shape, electrode spacing, discharge energy, etc., but also by the stainless steel industry ignition natural pore size of the nozzle, ordinary stove body to do the test when one kind of body OK, its associated ignition bracket shape, electrode spacing, etc. discharge energy index is relatively fixed, you can change is the ignition nozzle size stainless steel industry.

Stainless steel industrial gas nozzles

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