Industrial nozzles device manufacturers
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Industrial nozzles device manufacturers

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-9-22 8:13:30

Industrial nozzle droplet diameter uniformity device manufacturers have a significant impact on the efficiency of the spray range and flue gas purification, drying time even if the poor, not the same as the size of the droplets, the droplets will be dried in a very short period of time while large droplets require a longer drying time and greater drying space, so the reaction time and poor spatial uniformity, low purification efficiency. Therefore, in order to ensure that the spray drying flue gas purification equipment and higher long-term stable operation of the acid gas removal efficiency in the development of the two-fluid spray system test, test device for understanding the performance of the atomizer atomizer and the main factors determining the double fluid nozzle industrial manufacturers operating parameters efficient spray drying gas purification.

Test equipment and test methods, test system mainly consists of two parts, one for the system for the pulp from the pulp tank, stirring motor, filter, pump, rotameter, pressure gauges, valves, industrial nozzle manufacturers , such as by connecting pipe connections. And for the supply system, the air compressor rotor flow meter and adjust the gas pressure regulating valve and other components and pipe connections. Range of industrial fog nozzle manufacturers have a significant impact on the drying tower structure and the installation location of industrial nozzle manufacturers.

Requires a range of drying tower height is relatively large. Conversely small height. When the slurry injection is necessary to accurately determine the location of industrial nozzle manufacturer's installation, the installation location is too low, the highest point of the movement of the droplet stream from the top of the flue gas are still some distance from this board in the flue gas into the drying tower, take some distance to the and the droplets react with the reaction did not make full use of space, affects the purification efficiency. Mounting position is too high, the slurry will be injected into the drying tower wall.

Industrial nozzles device manufacturers

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