The new industrial nozzles manufacturers peeling
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The new industrial nozzles manufacturers peeling

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-9-22 8:03:55

And common industrial nozzle compared manufacturers, new type peeling Nozzles manufacturers have the following advantages:

(1) hole using wasp spray nozzle manufacturers of industrial design models, greatly improving the spray angle.

In general, the two-phase flow nozzle manufacturers on the market of industrial spray angle is usually 30-60 °. To improve the spray angle, nozzle manufacturers use industrial peeling waspish industrial factory model to improve the nozzle orifice. Wasp spray orifice streamlined design, greatly reducing the resistance. Gas-liquid two-phase flow before entering the waspish accelerating contraction section, the waspish maximum, then quickly expanding segment to expand its single orifice spray angle up to 60 ° in

(2) the bottom of the gas-liquid two-phase industrial peeling nozzle orifice creation of a number of manufacturers, not only to solve the needs of different flows, and can achieve more than a 180 ° spray angle, nozzle manufacturers of industrial gas-liquid mixture inside the mixing chamber equalizing achieve each orifice, such as a range of jet flow and so on.

(3) using the rotary compression stream, using not only the effect of the impact of high-speed airflow, the more important is the use of high-speed shear flow, so that the liquid column in the mixing chamber has been fully atomized, thus increasing industrial nozzle the diameter of the nozzle holes do not affect the end manufacturer atomization, but only affects the spray range, therefore, peeling of formula orifice diameter may be appropriately increased, and can be widely used for spraying the liquid containing the solid particles Pull process without causing clogging of the nozzle holes.

(4) real simple structure conducive to processing the same time, ease of installation, maintenance and replacement.

(5) requires less pressure, to truly meet the requirements of low energy consumption. Required water pressure is about 0.2MPa, the air pressure slightly higher than the pressure, after which atomized droplet size up to 305m-705m between its spray range up to about 7m.

When the gas nozzle into the interior of industrial manufacturers peeling due to the effect of the baffle causes the gas mixture along the wall of the chamber in a circular motion, since the high-speed rotation of the gas, shear, impact of the liquid column, the rotation of the liquid with the gas tear flow, which the rotary motion of the fluid situation is similar with the cyclone, the flow field exhibits complex flow patterns from the vortex motion perspective, there is a combination of semi-free vortex and forced vortex motion, axial and tangential movement synthesis, the outer and inner swirl swirl points; from the integrated radial and tangential flow analysis, there exists a spiral flow.

The new industrial nozzles manufacturers peeling

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