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Manufacturer of industrial spray nozzles

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-9-20 8:07:57

Industrial spray nozzle manufacturers of modern optical testing technology field spray field test technology has been a powerful tool to study the internal combustion engine combustion. In recent years, as the representative of the laser optical testing technology, making the study of highly turbulent spray of diesel oil and gas mixing process possible.

In order to deepen the spray nozzle industrial manufacturers work process understanding, exploring burning mechanism, people spray field study conducted various tests, following its typical testing techniques are introduced.

(1) Phase Doppler Particle velocimetry (PDPA) Laser Phase Doppler Particle velocimetry (Phase Doppler ParticleAnalyzer), which is a laser-based interferometric technique, so that the scattered light in different parts of the acceptance of light, they can quantitative determination of flow retardation due to the relative and absolute luminance PDPA laser beam is not sensitive, it can measure smaller droplets, and the droplets can handle a wide range of speeds. Eroglu and Chigier coaxial jet injector point in the vicinity of a Breakup PDPA measurement system morphology was observed under different spray injection pressure nozzle .

(2) Fraunhofer diffraction Fraunhofer diffraction technique using Fraunhofer diffraction effects arising from the droplets to get somewhere in a certain particle size of the spray volume as a percentage of the volume of all the particles and other information. With Phase Doppler technology, Fraunhofer diffraction technology can only spray a small area of ​​the field particle size measurement. That is, compared with the overall scale of the spray, both of which can give fog test techniques in the field of particle measurement results of a point, but can not give information on the particle size distribution of the audience.

3 laser holographic technology Thompson et al earliest use of laser holography technique, successfully used to study aerosol measuring large field near the sea. British JCDent focuses on the possibility of laser interferometry technique in the measurement of the fuel spray. Advantages of laser holography is sprayed can be obtained while the particle size distribution of the audience, the image three-dimensional image is obtained, which can effectively identify the characteristics of a droplet of non-circular, thereby obtaining high analytical accuracy. Many domestic research institutions to carry out work in this area, mainly used to measure the concentration field and temperature field, achieved a lot. Off-axis holography in the field of industrial diesel spray nozzle manufacturers of industrial applications more widely accepted. For particle field coaxial and off-axis holographic recording, it requires no scattering of not less than 50% -80% of the incident light energy through the fog light energy field, otherwise it will not be good holographic recording. Depth of field, one question remains puzzled problem holography.

In addition, there are some applications earlier laser testing techniques, such as Rayleigh scattering, laser shadow method, Schlieren photography method, now often still experimental study using the spray.

Manufacturer of industrial spray nozzles

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