nozzles manufacturers of industrial structure
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nozzles manufacturers of industrial structure

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-9-20 8:03:52

High pressure spray gun industrial nozzle pressure washer gun manufacturers structural industrial nozzle manufacturers internal structure is different, we can put the gun into the following four categories: bundling gun, gun balanced, long gun, short gun.

Here I will introduce a points system to their specific purposes.

(A) spray gun cluster, in order to clean a large area, can manufacturers of industrial nozzles disposed in a cylindrical end face of the nozzle can be the industrial sector are sequentially arranged in a factory on a straight pipe, the end thus produced multi-jet cleaning device, increases the cleaning area coverage, reduce operating time.

(B) balance of the gun, a spray gun without the force, is very suitable for high facade cleaning operations.

(C) the long gun, as the name suggests, pressure washers, and its structure is relatively large, in addition to the general rigidity long gun nozzle is fixed by 4.8-25.4 meters, including flexible or rigid lance lance and gun can also be used in combination.

. Jet angle (four) short gun small and its structure may be different according to the washing objects, a regulation of any of the required size, the spray gun according to the size of the impact force of the jet is ejected three, which are; soft mist, Hard fog and impact of water. Within a range of soft mist jets can reach half a meter range, its impact somewhat weak, suitable for cleaning under pressure smaller objects or glass, but the effective range of the impact of water can be up to 12 meters, and its impact on the efforts, you can use harder to clean bonding surface dirt. Hard objects range jets can be adjusted according to need between half a meter and 12-meter shell can be used to clean cars and other objects and surfaces of buildings can withstand a certain pressure.

nozzles manufacturers of industrial structure

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