Plastic Spiral Spray nozzles temperature is too low
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Plastic Spiral Spray nozzles temperature is too low

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Plastic spiral nozzle embrittlement reason plastic products in plastic bottles. Generally, plastic spiral nozzle sprinklers items embrittlement for many reasons, such as is often the sun and rain, making the surface hardness items degradation, softening, through research and analysis, the conclusion that the following aspects of the conclusions,

An molds

(1) gate is too small, you should consider adjusting the gate size or additional auxiliary gate.

(2) the shunt is too small or improperly configured, you should try to arrange a balance reasonable or increasing shunt size.

(3) Injection mold caused by poor construction cycle abnormalities.

Two equipment

(1) There are dead or barrel obstructions, easy to promote melt degradation.

(2) Machine plasticizing capacity is too small, plastic barrel plasticizing inadequate; machines plasticizing capacity is too large, plastic barrel by heat and shearing time is too long, plastic easy to aging, so that products change brittle.

(3) the top of the device is tilted or unbalanced, top dry small cross-sectional area or improper distribution.

Three raw materials

(A) mixed with other materials or impurities doped inappropriate or excessive solvent or other additives.

(2) Some plastics such as ABS, etc., in the damp and moisture conditions will occur heated catalytic cracking reactions that occur large parts of the strain.

(3) plastic recycling too many times or recycled materials content is too high, or too long in the barrel heating will procure parts brittle.

(4) the poor quality of the plastic itself, such as the molecular weight distribution of a large, non-uniform structure containing ingredients such as possession of excessive rigidity of the molecular chain; or contaminated, undesirable additives pollution, dust and other plastic doping impurity contamination is caused by brittle reasons.

Four technology areas

(1) barrel, plastic screw nozzle nozzle temperature is too low, increase it. If the material is easily degradable, they should raise the barrel, plastic screw nozzle nozzle temperature.

(2) reduce the pre-plastic screw back pressure and speed, making the material a little loose, and reduce the degradation of plastics caused by overheating due to shear.

(3) The mold temperature is too high, stripping difficulties; mold temperature is too low, plastics premature cooling, poor fusion welding seam, easy to crack, especially refractory plastics such as polycarbonate, even more so.

(4) cavity mold cores have proper slope. When hard core mold, to raise the temperature of the cavity, shorten the cooling time; impunity when the cavity, the cavity to reduce temperature and longer cooling time.

(5) minimize the use of metal inserts, such as polystyrene large plastic hematocrit brittle cold, but can not join the insert molding.

Five product design

(1) Products with sharp corners prone to stress cracking, nicks or thickness vary greatly site.

(2) product design is too thin or too hollow.

Plastic Spiral Spray nozzles temperature is too low

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