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Stainless steel spiral water mist nozzles

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-9-12 10:01:06

Stainless steel spiral nozzle relative to the concept of water mist spray of water, stainless steel spiral nozzle sprinklers so-called mist, is the use of a special nozzle, water particles generated by high-pressure water spray, water mist fire suppression has many advantages:

1, advanced fire-fighting mechanism, a wide range of fire, burning the material must have three elements: fuel, temperature and oxygen, absorb a lot of heat vaporization of water mist, reducing the fire temperature and oxygen concentration, eliminating the three elements of the two, so high extinguishing efficiency, while breaking the mist "water can not extinguish oil fires and electrical fires" in the area can be used for A, B, C, D and other types of fires, adaptable

2, industrial nozzle cooling efficiency, heat radiation shielding, heat latent heat of vaporization of water is much greater than the water heating needs, droplet vaporization process to absorb a lot of heat, reduce the temperature of the protected area, the water vapor produced by high-temperature droplet vaporization There are some isolated thermal radiation shielding effect, reduce the heat radiation on the human body burning, and to be close to the combustion zone firefighters may improve the efficiency of firefighting

3, without damage to the equipment of industrial nozzles, environmental pollution, water consumption during high-pressure water mist fire suppression is extremely low, a lot of water to avoid secondary pollution equipment and the environment, water mist good electrical insulation properties, eliminating the aqueous medium damage to electrical equipment, water mist for electrical appliances, telecommunications equipment when the fire safe and effective

4, can be partially absorbed by smoke and toxic gas, oil, rubber and other produce large amounts of smoke and toxic gases when burned, they are even greater harm to the human body, water mist fire itself is larger than the surface area, the opportunity to contact with harmful gases and more, can be dissolved, smoke and toxic gas adsorption part, purifying fire environment for evacuation valuable time

5, can be used to open fire environment, the concentration of gas fire extinguishing agent is generally higher, and requires fire closed environment, water mist fire on a closed environment when there is no requirement

6, cheap and abundant freshwater resources for non-electrical type of fire can be used off the water, so water mist extinguishing system low operating costs and easy maintenance

Thus, with a variety of fire-fighting water mist cooling effect, choking, emulsification and dilution, so that the water mist fire extinguishing system has to adapt to a wide range of features, not only in the fight to improve the solid combustion fire extinguishing water efficiency and can safely extinguish liquid and electrical fires

Performance of water mist fire extinguishing system depends primarily on the ability of two: one is its ability to produce droplets small enough, the entire space is the ability of a sufficient quantity of water will be distributed, but also by the ability of these two droplet size, and impulse nozzles and other factors affect the geometric characteristics in a variety of water mist fire extinguishing systems, spray nozzle is one of the core components of the system, select its atomization, structural design and size of the flow field analysis

Stainless steel spiral water mist nozzles

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