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Industrial nozzles Price

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-9-11 8:23:00

Vector industrial nozzle greatest test technique is that the price of industrial nozzle head price deflection problem of high temperature part, ultra-high-temperature gas generated due to the pusher directly behind the barrier is in direct contact with the gas nozzle industrial price deflecting nozzle portion, and sustained high temperatures high pressure will cause material damage and loss of vector industrial nozzle sprinklers price effect; current solution is the use of high-temperature materials, and in the interior design industry nozzle sprinklers prices in the industrial cooling holes and slightly in front of the nozzle sprinklers price set for introducing cooling air intake airflow.

Definition of vector industrial nozzle sprinklers prices

Thrust flying objects have the strength and direction of a momentum, and this momentum with the strength and direction is called a vector (TV, ThrustVector). Older aircraft (aircraft, missiles) is limited due to the limitations of traditional thrust propulsion nozzle sprinklers industrial prices, so only the jet stream axis was parallel with the aircraft, and by the reaction force to the front of the moving vehicle and can not change direction; The positive development of modern aviation technology vector thrust technology, which is the use of control thruster nozzle industrial nozzle deflection to achieve change in price direction of the jet stream and thus leaving the vector changes, and this technique is called vector adjustable thrust vector control (TVC , Thrust Vector Control), which is known as a vector such propulsion nozzle sprinklers industrial prices, the advent of the current design or fifth-generation fighter and more have taken this new technology.

Through continuous vector control and fine-tune the price of industrial nozzles nozzle, the thrust is not through the center of gravity of the aircraft, the aircraft can carry a low rate, such a high angle of attack in the traditional way will certainly stall thrust crashed senior action, this time to the amount of controlled industrial nozzle sprinklers prices can continue to provide enough thrust balance, as long as there is enough lift wing, aircraft can maintain controlled flight stall; while industrial nozzle sprinklers price vector can also provide additional downward thrust during takeoff and landing so to achieve STOL aircraft (STOL) even VTOL (VTOL) capabilities.

Industrial nozzles Price

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