Clean clogged nozzles ceramic spiral

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Clean clogged nozzles ceramic spiral

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-9-6 8:40:48

Clean clogged ceramic spiral nozzle can be extended ceramic spiral nozzle nozzle life and enhanced ceramic spiral nozzle sprinklers use effect.

In order to ensure the ceramic spiral nozzle nozzle spray effect, each ceramic spiral nozzle orifice sprinklers are to undergo carved small peck. Even if it is due to the damage caused by improper cleaning, may also affect the flow and spray distribution. In the use of the process, be sure to use enough filters, spray systems to reduce congestion.

If the spiral nozzle clogging does occur, only with a soft brush or a toothpick to clean it and the cleaning process to be very careful that the use of wooden toothpicks to clean ceramic spiral nozzle nozzle orifice deduction may also be distorted. Depends on the chemical properties of the pesticide chemical manufacturers recommended use. Appropriate choice of ceramic spiral nozzle sprinklers and use the correct method of operation is very important.

Clean clogged nozzles ceramic spiral

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