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Fan nozzles Price

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-8-30 8:24:15

For direct fan nozzle spray angle is too small and the price of partition structure and complex partial pressure of deficiencies, the development of new research in the sector in the afterburner nozzle sprinklers price plan.

1) atomization block slot fan nozzle sprinklers price plan

It is not set in front annular ring injector reverse gear slot jet fuel tank after the first spray to block airflow Tin San, then by the flow downstream. Fuel tank dress gear dispersed along the circumferential direction. To obtain a relatively uniform circumferential distribution of fuel, but the radial distribution is poor. Anti-mounted gear slot opposite effect. Fuel tank stopper impact of such programs also help to improve the quality of atomization.

2) variable-area industrial fan pin plug nozzle sprinklers price plan

Also used in the engine fan nozzle pintle nozzle to direct price control by the solenoid pin plug the oil switch. The afterburner developed pin plug type fan jet nozzle cross-sectional area of ​​the nozzle prices are variable, fixed pin plug at one end and the other end into the hole of a cone, and when turned on the afterburner, hydraulic to a certain value tubing pressure gradually rounded by a circular cross-section oval, circular needle beyond the Great Wall to ask gap increases oil. Hydraulic pressure continues to increase, the gap increased with increasing amount of oil. Therefore, this type of price-fan nozzle head can be simplified and the fuel system regulator, expand the range of adjustment of fuel pressure regulator within a small range, the atomization quality is improved, especially in the low flow, to maintain a good spray quality and concentration distribution.

Atomization quality pre-

(A) spray the gas stream in the static properties

A) Characteristics Average diameter

Relationship with the test results summarized earlier many researchers do not comply, after someone using dimensionless form to express the basic criteria.

2) Size Distribution of

Direct fan nozzle nozzle size distribution is also in line with the price of Rosin-Rammler expression, its distribution index N is generally either within 2-4 range. It is with the fluid viscosity, injection velocity and fan nozzles nozzle size change and different price structures.

(2) perpendicular to the gas flow direction of the injector atomization

Direct fan nozzle sprinklers prices on aero-engine afterburner used mostly perpendicular to the direction of air flow jet fuel. Many researchers conducted a large study found: orifice diameter ratio L / dC, UL and fuel injection rate has little effect on the D50, so when a combination of atomization characteristics relations can ignore these factors.

Perpendicular to the gas flow, due to different droplet sizes, inertial type, and thus along the ejection direction (i.e., perpendicular to the gas flow direction) of different droplet size distributions, on the outside of large droplets and small inward. Perpendicular to the jet of fuel gas flow rate is larger, the fuel jet will soon be "blown Course"; smaller air flow rate, the larger the fuel jet in the transverse direction into the axial distance only. Thus, different air velocity distribution along the fuel concentration and droplet distribution of the lateral distance scale is different.

Fan nozzles Price

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