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spray nozzles

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-8-13 10:22:22

spray nozzle is based on the Venturi effect of the liquid suction device for producing a fine spray on the spray nozzles .

When the gas is injected under pressure through a pipe portion and a decrease in its speed at the narrowest point (due to the Bernoulli principle) generated by the pressure drop.

Under reduced pressure, the pressure difference between two points, the absorption liquid from the container through a narrow tube into a moving gas flow, as a fine spray droplets project forwardly (although not atomic name implies).

The principle of operation of the atomizer

They may be operated automatically or manually, which is typically by a manual pump (rubber ball or piston), which is a conventional type of atomizer for perfume.


Atomizer for spraying perfume atomizer for applying the coating, in the fuel injection system in the spray drying apparatus.

spray nozzles

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