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High pressure nozzles type

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-7-29 8:56:22

High pressure nozzle is a device type or characteristic to control the direction of fluid flow (in particular to increase the speed), the exit (or entry) of a closed chamber or tube.

High-pressure nozzle type nozzle is usually different cross-sectional area of the pipe or tube, which can be used for fluid (liquid or gas) flows directly or modified. Nozzle flow rate nozzle is frequently used to control the type, speed, direction, mass, shape, or from the pressure of their streams.


Fluid jet or gas jet of high pressure water jet nozzle head model coherent jet of gas or liquid into the surrounding medium. Common gas jet gas stove, oven, grill. Gas jet is widely used for the development of electric light headlights. Was found in the carburetor, smooth calibrated orifice for regulating the flow of fuel to the engine, and a hydromassage bathtub or other types of fluid jet. Another special laminar jet aircraft. This is a water jet, which contains a unit of pressure and flow smoothly, and gives the laminar flow, as its name implies. This fountain produce better results. High-pressure nozzles for hot air supply nozzle type or forged into a blast furnace is called wind mouth.

High speed

Common goal is to sacrifice its internal pressure and kinetic energy increases the flow of the medium. Nozzle head model may be described as convergent (reduced from a wide diameter to a smaller diameter in the direction of flow) (expanded from a smaller diameter to a larger one), or divergent. High pressure nozzle has a convergent nozzle type section, then, is often referred to as a convergent-divergent nozzle high pressure nozzle model ("two high-pressure nozzle nozzle tube model") by diffusion section.

Convergent nozzle high pressure nozzle to accelerate subsonic fluid model. If the high pressure nozzle type nozzle pressure ratio is high enough, the process will at the narrowest point (ie, high-pressure nozzle throat nozzle type) to reach the speed of sound. In this case, the high pressure nozzle nozzle model is said to be choked. Will further enhance the high-pressure nozzle nozzle pressure can not be unified model does not increase the throat than Mach. Downstream (ie nozzle high pressure nozzle type external) flow is free to expand to supersonic speed. Note that a hot gas can be a Mach very high speed, the speed of sound, because as the square root of the absolute temperature. Such speed can reach the speed of sound at the nozzle throat is much higher than sea level (ISO conditions). This fact is widely used in hypersonic flow rocket propellant mixture deliberately choose to further increase the speed of sound. Divergent nozzle high pressure nozzle type slow fluid, if the flow is subsonic, but accelerate sonic or supersonic fluid.

Convergent - divergent nozzle high pressure nozzle type, it can accelerate the convergence segment supersonic fluid choked. This CD allows convergence process efficiency than the high-pressure nozzle supersonic nozzle expansion of external models. Shaped portion of the diffusion can also ensure the direction of the exhaust gas is directly rearwardly to any component does not sideways thrust.


A jet thrust of the exhaust gas generated from the net energy obtained by the combustion of the fuel is added to the guided air. This hot air through a high-speed high-pressure nozzle nozzle type, propulsion nozzle high pressure nozzle type, which greatly increases its kinetic energy. For a given mass flow rate of the exhaust gas having a high thrust greater, but when the exhaust gas velocity and the space velocity is a good match for optimum energy efficiency. However, no jet aircraft speeds while maintaining the exhaust gas over the ejection rate due to momentum considerations.

Supersonic jet engines, like those employed by fighters and SST aircraft (such as the Concorde), need high exhaust velocity. Therefore, supersonic aircraft weight and cost typically use CD nozzle high pressure nozzle type, although penalties. Subsonic jet engine uses relatively low, subsonic, exhaust velocity. Therefore, they use a simple convergent nozzle. In addition, the use of bypass nozzle high pressure nozzle type or even lower speed. Rocket engine using convergent - divergent nozzle high pressure nozzle type area large proportion to maximize exhaust velocity and high thrust and high-pressure nozzles nozzle pressure than hiring models. Mass flow rate is at a premium because of the quality of all the propulsion of vehicles, and a very high exhaust gas velocity is desirable.


High-pressure nozzle type magnetic head also made for certain types of propulsion, such as VASIMR, wherein the plasma stream is directed magnetic field, rather than a wall made of solid material.


Many high-pressure nozzles produce a very fine nozzle type spray liquid. Carburetor for spraying high-pressure nozzle type atomizer nozzle, the perfume, the internal combustion engine, spray deodorants, antiperspirants, and many others.


High pressure air suction nozzle nozzle type, nozzle type using a conical nozzle opening pressure air flow injected into the water-based foam (CAFS / AFFF / FFFP), and the concentrate "bubble." The most common foam fire extinguishers and foam hand-held water. Swirl nozzle high pressure nozzle type liquid injected in the tangential direction, and spiral into the center and then exit through the center hole. Since the vortex, which causes the jet to a tapered shape.


High pressure nozzle type vacuum cleaner nozzle in several different shapes under.


Some high-pressure nozzle nozzle shape model to generate stream is a special shape. For example, extrusion molding or plastic with a metal cross-sectional view of a particular length or manufactured in a manner other material. The high-pressure nozzle nozzle model is often referred to as a die.

High pressure nozzles type

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