Impact spray nozzles
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Impact spray nozzles

Author:YBS Spray Nozzles Time:2013-7-5 8:52:37

Impact spray nozzle is one of the main components of artificial fog equipment. This nozzle is widely used in artificial fog system. Fog is the image it produces naturally, many parks and tourist attractions are using it to create fog.

In addition, it is also used in a wide range of industries, mainly to go there: wet blasting, air humidification, chemical processing, chemical spray, tobacco humidification, tablet coating, evaporation and cooling the flue gas, disinfection, cooling parts fruit spray wax.

Guangdong Perth production impact atomizer resistant to abrasion, corrosion and impact resistant characteristics, nozzle long life, high cost. Guangdong Perth also be based on the user's requirements meet the user needs to create a nozzle. Guangdong Perth always put the needs of users as the direction of the enterprise, is committed to provide customers with high-quality spray nozzles purification products.

Impact spray nozzles

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